About company

Group of companies "Baltik-SGEM" was formed as a result of the business combination, the main activities of which are assembly, repair and reconstruction of hydropower, hydro-mechanical, process, electrical and other equipment of hydro power plants, as well as construction and installation work on the industrial sites. "Baltik-SGEM-Complekt" JSC holds the leading position. The Company, founded in 1997, is one of the successors of affairs and traditions of the All-Union Trust "Spetshydroenergomontazh". "Baltik-SGEM-Complekt" JSC gathered to its team the highly skilled professionals of Baltik and Nurek Trust assembling departments of the Trust.

The main activity of the group of companies is carried out in the field of hydropower and water facilities. Continuing dynamic development, it develops new businesses in the sphere of its activity.

The group of companies performs a full range of repair, modernization, dismantling and assembly of any equipment of hydro power plants, pumping stations and other water facilities and waterworks. There is a great practical experience, including the organization of work, project work, the immediate implementation of the project and the decision of other related tasks.

Repairs of the main equipment of hydro power plants and pumping stations are carried out with the decommissioning of the only pieces of equipment. In this regard, there are strict limitations on working time and conditions. The uniqueness of hydropower facilities often requires individual and unconventional approach to each of them. Many years of experience and professionalism allow the company staff to meet all performance targets.

We also carry out works for all kinds of support equipment of hydro power plants and pumping stations: systems of process water supply, dehydration, pumping, drainage, pneumatic and oil facilities, automation and monitoring, ventilation, lighting and fire fighting. The complexity of the work on reconstruction of support systems is determined by the need for its performing in existing hydropower plants and pumping stations, when the replacement of pipeline sections has to be performed with the organization of temporary bypass sections and keeping the system in whole in operation.

One of the activities of the Group of companies - reclamation facilities: repair of mechanical and electrical equipment of reclamation pumping stations; construction, repair, maintenance, sanitary cleaning and dredging of natural and artificial reservoirs. We widely use the unique innovative methods. In particular, water purification technology with floating installation reduces costs and time of work.